Join our playtester community, be first to know, play and help us create up coming updates, DLC and new IP. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Why my social security number?

You will need to sign a NDA, for that type of agreement. We need you SSN to verify and set an agreement between 5 Fortress AB and you as a Playtester. 

Can I invite a friend?

Ofc! We’re more than happy to see more people join our Playtester Community! 


How many keys can I get?

You will get one key for every game you test. If you stream or have been more then 10 attendances at our playtests. You will have 5 more keys to share with other friends. 



Does it include earnings?

Unfortunately we don’t pay any testers as for now. But the more we grow we will hire dedicated playtesters. Dose recruitments will be from our playtester community. 


What type of setup do I need?

Our main platform are PC and you dont need any sort of specifications of high performance graphic cards or the latest CPU. 

Do I need any educuation or experience?

The best way to be a tester is to be you. All you need is a history of playing games and make a conversation of needs and don’ts. We’re searching for players, not developers that play games.